Why choose Cause Funding over my current merchant services provider?

The answer is simple. We partner with you to give back to your local community. As a business, merchant fees are a necessary cost of doing business, but with Cause Funding, those fees that you already pay now go back into the local economy and NOT the pocket of a shareholder. It’s simple to us— we want to see communities thrive and our services allow for that. The bottom line is that profit is not our end game: making an impact in local communities is our top priority.

Are you a supporting business?

We support all of our local business customers, but we do not represent a single entity. It is the goal of Cause Funding to provide superior merchant services and customer service to all of our business partners. We believe that their success equals more funding for local non-profits, ultimately leading to a stronger community.

Are you a foundation?

We are not a non-profit or 501(c)3 organization. We are a limited liability company whose primary goal is to build stronger communities by providing enhanced merchant services to community businesses, where a portion of the merchant fees is donated to local nonprofit organizations, at no additional cost to participating businesses.

Does it work?

We regularly receive success stories from local organizations whose efforts are strengthened by the support they received some their donor business. For some of our success stories, check out our testimonials.

How much money can the non-profits expect?

It depends wholly on the sales of the participating business. The more successful your company is, the larger the donation to your cause will be.

What’s in it for me?

The benefits are many and far-reaching: for companies not currently accepting credit or debit cards, there will be an increase in sales that comes with accepting another form of payment, accommodating a larger number of customers. According to an infographic from Community Merchants USA, 66% of all point-of-sales transactions are done with credit or debit cards. For businesses that already accept cards, the silver lining comes in the merchant fees that are already being paid out. With Cause Funding, businesses now have an opportunity to say how fees that they are already paying are to be doled out. More importantly, the organizations that rely on community support will get much-needed financial support from local businesses.

How much does it cost to sign up?

There is no initiation or buy-in fee; a simple consultation is needed to assess current processing equipment, at which point, a Cause Funding team member can better assess the cost, if any, of making the switch.

Are you a credit card processing company?

No, but we have partnered with the premier processing companies in the United States and have negotiated some of the best available rates for merchant services.

What are your rates?

As with any merchant processing company (undoubtedly, even with your current provider) the rates vary by card swiped. A comprehensive analysis will be run by a Cause Funding team member prior to making the switch, at which point our team of professionals can better assess where they can save you money and improve your current merchant processing situation.

The agreement does not lock you in for a period of time, however we typically request that you participate for three months, as we have found that this is the optimum period of time when the benefitting organizations really start to see the difference your donations make.

I’m ready to take the next step. How can I get in touch?

For a personalized consultation to get the process started, we invite you to contact us here.