How It Works

The Process


  • A business signs up for merchant services credit card processing through Cause Funding
  • After a personal consultation with a Cause Funding customer service representative, the business selects a non-profit organization that is to be the beneficiary of a monthly donation, from funds generated through the business’s credit card transactions
  • Cause Funding calculates the donation, based on the total merchant fees collected, and cuts a check to the non-profit organization in the name of the supporting business

Cause Funding for Businesses

Strengthening small businesses

At Cause Funding, its our goal to provide exemplary merchant services, which allow businesses to passively raise money for the non-profit organization of their choice. We handle the donations on behalf of the merchant, eliminating the time it takes to calculate a sales percentage-based donation every month. In addition, businesses receive responsive customer service and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have a partner in the Cause Funding team.

Cause Funding for Non-Profit Groups

Providing a reliable source of vital funding

The business-selected non-profit will regularly receive funds as a donation from the participating business, giving those organizations a steady stream of funding and allowing them to further their efforts.

Cause Funding - how it works