Our Story

About Cause Funding

Filling a need in the community

As active members of the community, the team behind Cause Funding saw the need for non-profit donations on a daily basis. While many of the fundraising methods came in traditional forms, such as dinners with silent auctions, bake sales and raffles, it became evident that the same pool of generous people were providing a majority of the funding time after time, and those efforts still weren’t enough. Cause Funding was born as a way to not only provide a steady donation for those organizations, but also to strengthen the local businesses in the communities the non-profit groups were set on aiding.

Passive donations with far-reaching effects

Cause Funding allows for a larger number of people in the community to give back to local non-profits, without a direct hit to their pocketbooks. The same is true for the small business who selects Cause Funding as their merchant services provider. With credit and debit cards becoming the preferred method of payment, many small businesses are faced with astronomical merchant fees that go directly into the pockets of their providers. At Cause Funding, we believe there is plenty to go around. That’s why a portion of the merchant fees will go to the non-profit group of the business’s choosing. We’ve partnered with premier card processing agencies and have secured some of the lowest merchant fees for our partners, while still being able to provide generous donations to local organizations.

Keeping dollars local

It’s no secret that supporting small business is a vital part of local communities, and through Cause Funding’s passive donation model, we enhance the benefits of shopping small. Purchases made in the community will immediately go back to the community, in the form of donations to local non-profits. By patronizing local businesses that partner with Cause Funding, the community supports small business in their hometown, raises funds for local non-profits, and keeps their dollars in the communities.